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Our Blessed Words Series are board books that are different from similar books in the market.

We don’t focus on when to say the words Bismillah and Alhamdulillah. Instead, as the little ones follow their animal friends, Basma Bear and Hannah Horse through the story, they will discover for themselves the POWER of the Blessed Words they recite daily.

The stories in these books are unique and engaging. Each turn of the page drives the story forward with illustrations that are fun and vibrant and textured features children simply can’t stay away from.

Is there a relatable character your children will love? Yes!

Is there suspense in the story so you’d want to know what happens next? You bet!

Is there a good moral lesson weaved into the story? Of course!

Get these stories that will grow with your children. Stories that not only show when to recite Bismillah and Alhamdulillah but show them the power behind these words. Stories with good role models to imitate and show them how to be grateful. Stories presented in a simple, fun, easy digestible way with endearing characters like Basma Bear and Hannah Horse.

It’s so cleverly done that you’ll find children mouthing and repeating these Blessed Words themselves without prompt. Why?

Because stories are powerful and they stick.


Basma Bear Loves Bismillah

Basma Bear loves to say Bismillah. She says it before doing anything, big or small. Her friend Salma Snake had had enough. She thinks Basma Bear is overdoing it, and she has a plan to make Basma Bear stop.

Will she succeed?

Discover the power of Bismillah...


Alhamdulillah Saves the Day

Hannah Horse was excited about her day.
But nothing was going her way.
Should she just give up, sulk and cry?
Or say something that would make her spirit fly? So...

What should we say
Even on a bad day?
There are blessings everywhere
Even if you are not aware.

Discover the power of Alhamdulillah...


Size: 18cm x 18cm

No. of Pages: 32 (Basma Bear Loves Bismillah); 28 (Alhamdulillah Saves the Day)

Special features: UV glitter on every page!

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