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Our best-selling series
The Arabic Alphabet Series

This amazing series will revolutionise how you see the Arabic alphabet. Be swept away by the stories of the alphabet with tales of love, friendship and adventure. Read it aloud and fall in love with the characters. You don’t have to pull out your hair to introduce or think of creative ways of acquainting your child with the Arabic alphabet. Let the stories do it for you!

These much loved characters are also featured in our card game and trace book. Children sure learn best when they're having fun!

Fun for the whole family
Card Games

Our card games are designed for children simply to have fun. These tried and tested games will delight your children. Not only are they engaging, but they'll also develop other skills such as number sense and memory skills. Through games, children will pick up useful habits like making du'a for others, learn how to overcome obstacles and applying the right strategies. Give them a try now and have fun as a family!

textured books for little hands
Blessed Words Series

In this series, we follow our animal friends, Basma Bear and Hannah Horse, to discover the meanings of blessed words we say as Muslims everyday. Written in rhyme and textured with UV glitter, these books will delight the hearts of young children everywhere.

Stories inspired from the past
Asma'ul Husna Series

Teach children the magnificence of Allah through His names. Allah has so many great qualities and children can easily learn about them through stories. Only when you truly know someone can you truly love them. Fall in love with Allah by knowing Him through His names. Our Asma’ul Husna stories are inspired by stories of the past and retold by adding elements that children can relate to.

Join our central character, Ilham, as he discovers the gems of Allah’s names.

Our Story

Just a decade ago, we found it difficult to find quality Islamic children’s books that can engage and hold the attention of our children. Whenever we sat down to read to them an Islamic book, they’d request for another story instead, one with captivating images, cute characters and interesting storylines. We wanted them to grow up loving the Islamic stories we love, yet many books out there were not published with the very young in mind.