Ramadan Activity Pack: Part 2 of 3

Alhamdulilah the 2nd of 3 installments of the Ramadan activity pack is ready for download. Another 10 fun activities have been included to engage your child this Ramadan. This pack consists of activities that involve early mathematical skills, cutting and pasting to enhance their fine-motor skills and creative activities to engage their imagination.

Parents can guide their children through the activities and engage them in further discussion. A child is a bundle of curiosity about practically everything! Early guidance and a daily life rich in stimulating educational experiences helps develop a child's mental capacity.

We hope this pack will be something your child will look forward to as they celebrate the blessed month of Ramadan.

You can download the 2nd installment in the link provided below:

Ramadan Activity Pack (Part 2 of 3)

You can also choose to download from our shop (it's free!) where you can also browse and check out other free downloadable documents.

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May this be of benefit to all.

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