The Arabic Alphabet Activity Pack

Our kids love activity packs and we love creating them.

This activity pack complements our Arabic Alphabet of Huruf Island box set which introduces the Arabic letters through stories. The activities are simple and suitable for pre-schoolers. It can also be tweaked to suit the child's readiness level.

For example, if a child finds it a challenge to draw a kettlebell for Jim and a lightbulb for Kha, then feel free to tweak it. They may instead:

  • draw a dot in the right place
  • place a round sticker
  • use dot markers

We have a similar activity for the letters Fa and Qaf. Instead of drawing,

  • use stickers
  • sensory materials like pompoms and pipeliners

Playing around with the activity and adapting it would be most effective as a parent knows their child best.

Also, for the activity page which features the letters Raw and Zaay, instead of drawing the different shapes to sort out the two letters, children can also:

  • use different coloured highlighters to differentiate the two letters
  • place transparent colour-coded stickers over the letters

Or if they have a decent amount to control to draw a circle but not other shapes, encourage them to draw it but differentiate the circles by using different coloured colour pencils or markers.

The whole idea is just to have fun with the pack. It is a wonderful extension of our Arabic Alphabet Series book set but can still be used by those who do not own a set (you should go get one!).

Feel free to leave a comment and let us know what kind of activity packs you enjoy and also what you'd like to see out there. We'll keep them in mind the next time we come up with an activity pack.

Since Ramadan is here, we also have a Ramadan Activity pack for the kids. An activity for each day of Ramadan which we created last year. Just scroll through our other blog posts and you'll see it. Click to download.

Do tag us @homely_hammock. We hope the activity packs help engage the children meaningfully inshaAllah.

Ramadan Kareem everyone.

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