Where No One Can See Me Resource Package

The months leading up to April have been truly busy for Homely Hammock. We have launched our book from the Asma’ul Husna Series, titled ‘Where No One Can See Me’ on 2 April 2016. We hope the book will find its place in many homes and resonates well with the little readers we are writing for.

The book comes with an Educational Resource Package. Reading should be a multi-sensory experience and will be made all the more memorable when it is accompanied with activities pre and post reading. We have already blogged about pre-reading activities that can be used when reading our story.

The Educational Resource Package includes activities that can be done post-reading. The resource package has four main section: Hands at work, Move it!, Let’s Play and Pencil Time.


Hands at Work

Hands at Work is a section dedicated in getting children to create. Children are naturally drawn to art activities and enjoy crafting and we believe that there should be an art or craft activity to accompany reading. This craft will be in line with the focus of the book, which aims to highlight the attribute of Allah as Al-Basir, the All-Seeing. Children will be engaged in creating their own binoculars which they will design by decorating the given template in the Educational Resource Package.

Move it!

Move it! is a section aimed at incorporating movement into learning. Children will be engaged socially and can apply their creativity through self-expression. ‘Where No One Can See Me’ can be used to introduce or reinforce Prepositions. To get children moving, involve them in the activity adapted from the popular game, ‘Simon Says'. Children will get to act out the various prepositions using ‘Ilham says’ or ‘Adny says’.

Let's Play!

Let’s Play! is a section designed to encourage learning through play in the form of games. It provides a context for engaging practice and will help grab their attention. Children will learn through the process of playing the game. To reinforce the concept of numbers, children can play the ‘Hidden Cup’ activity. Each cup will have a number placed inside it and children will have to match the number with the correct number of objects on the paper in front of them. A variation to include addition and subtraction practice is also included in the Educational Resource Package.

Pencil Time

Pencil Time allows children to practice their writing skills. The activitiy selected helps reinforce the concept of Allah as Al-Basir. Children will get to train their observation skills through the I-spy worksheet. This activity can also tie in with the ‘Hands at Work’ section where children can use their previously made binoculars to explore and circle some of the objects that they have found on their I-spy worksheets.

If you would like a copy of this activity resource, it is available as a free download from www.homelyhammock.com.

We truly hope that you enjoy these activities with your children. Do share the moment with us by tagging us at #homelyhammockreads and share if you did any other extension activities related to Allah as Al-Basir. We hope that through sharing many others will benefit too.

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